Classes and practical training in the Azores.

Well-being, joint pain relief and prevention.

"The massage touch is defines as compassionate intention that takes form through touch"
IFJS, Joel Savatofski.

Easy and effective massage techniques

I propose unique massage training that in addition to liberating muscular tension through touch, aims to relieve and prevent pain using articular decompression massage techniques.

With these training courses you will be able to:

Heal others:

With an understanding of biomechanics of the human body, the massage techniques are open joint articular surfaces. This simple method offers the double advantage of a classic muscular relaxation massage as well as a profound joint relaxation.

Using our understanding of the curvature of the spine, we can safetly relieve many common aches and pains that affect those around you using massage techniques. You will quickly be able to massage using movements that are adapted to each individual body to find the best treatment and well-being possible.

Working on one's self:

During the massage technique course, we will learn how to be conscious of ways in which we physically compensate unconsiously under the effects of gravity. It is actually this attractive terrestrial force that is the biggest source of wear in joints affected by osteoarthritis, back pain, neck pain, etc. Thanks to a global vision, participants leave the courses with new keys to maintaining articular surfaces and reducing wear and tear and joint pain related to this phenomene.

Courses for everybody

These training courses are for everybody and require no previous experience. My own children massage since the age of five and love being massaged.

The only requirement is the desire to do good.

Using my training in kinesiotherapy and yoga-thai massage, the teachings and techniques used will be personalized for athletes, walkers, and those who have have medical interventions, chronic back pain, or other health problems.

Massage done clothed and in the sitting position also offers the possibility to relaxe in the blink of an ey those who sit in an office for most of the day, or when conditions don't permit a massage laying down.

One night out, I happened to massage a friend who had tension in the back and ended up massaging all of the clients at the bar.

The joy, appeasement and relaxation that ensued, completely changed the ambience of the place.

It often happens during get togethers that if will massage in five minutes several people who becoming interested...Try it if you feel, the results are surprising.

"Kindness is to morality as kinesiotherapy is to medicine: A massage
from the heart is therefore a way to do good through gentleness"

Who am I?

Since teenage years I have practiced massage and very naturally turned towards Massage Fisiotherapy. I received my diploma at the age of 21 from the School of Assas in Paris, I have practiced in different countries and continents which has given me a universal vision of the human body. Using what I learned form traditional Fisiotherapy, I quickly found the need for my own well-being to practice a physical activity that respects and helps my body. It was through Hatha Yoga that I satisfied that need.

After practicing, I went to Thailand to a training course in Yoga-Thai Massage in the Sun-Shine school of Chang Mai en 2010, refining and reinvocing my belief in the importance of taking care of ones joins through massage.

The idea of sharing my knowledge has come from understanding the power of relaxation felt by my patients and the simplicity of motions used. I therefore started by sharing with my massage therapist friends and then to neophytes who very quickly learned the techniques.

"Touch has always been the most ancient and most instinctive way to heal"

Classes and practical training.

Classes in French, Portugues or English.

Each person learns to massage on a participant and then him or herself being massaged, one should also feel the movements and work on their own body.

For the complete day training, a brunch will be proposed, comprised of primarily local and artisan products allowing you to discover the wholsome savors of our beautiful island. (Bread, cheese, smoked meats, chutneys, etc.)

For the half day training, a small snack will be proposed during the break comprised of local products.(Breads, butter, cheese, jam, chutney, seasonal fruits, diverse herbal tea and coffee)

This half day training sessions will also allow you to take advantage of the many trails, waterfalls, natural pools and other marvels of Flores.

Whole day training:

Two three hours parts, you will learn the primary techniques for a massage on the central axis of the body.
Morning: Massage of the spinal column including the shoulders, dorsal muscles, lumbar and hips.
Afternoon: Neck and head massage including the cervical vertebrae, the scull, the ears, the face and the scalp.

Three half-day training sessions:

Divided into three four hour sessions, we will begin with the entire body.
First Day: Massage of the spinal column including the shoulders, dorsal muscles, lumbar and hips.
Second day: Head and neck massage including the shoulders, arms and through to the fingers.
Third day:  Leg massage including thighs, knees, calves, and feet.

Week long session with five half days:

This training course will teach you to massage all parts of the body using fundamental movements and also smaller, focuses massages of theextremities like fingers and toes. In completing this training I will teach you massage techniques for seated, dressed patients who share the spirit of these courses of massage for everybody.

First day: Massage of the spinal column including the shoulders, dorsal muscles, lumbar and hips.
Second day: Head and neck massage including cervical vertebrae, skull, ears, face and scalp.
Third day: Massage of the shoulders, arms, forearms and hands.
Fourth day: Massage of the legs, thighs, knees, calves and feet.
Fifth day: Seated massage including the back, shoulders, neck, ears and head.

Courses designed for athletes or walkers:

I also offer the possibility to direct the massage courses according to the specific needs of athletes or hikers as well as for those who have health concerns.

Collective courses :

We also have the possibility to accept groups.  Please contact me in this case so I can organize accordingly.

Specific healings:

In addition to my classes, I continue to practice personalized sessions.

Personalized session ;
Private course of one hour where I assess your physical posture and give propositions of exercises adapted to help improve and prevent joint problems.

Half-body massage including the spinal column and the head.(35 min)

Full body massage. (1h20)


Full day of 6 hours: 70 euros
2 times three hours
Couples fee: 120 euros

12h course: 130 euros
3 times 4 hours
Couples fee: 220 euros

20 h course: 200 euros
5 times 4 hours
Couples fee: 320 euros

Courses for small groups of 2 to 6 people, fees for groups people please contact us.

Specific healing sessions:

Personalized session: 25€

Half body massage: 18€

Full body massage: 33€


Camille Farge

Rua da Chamorra n°7
9960-220 Fazenda das Lajes

e-mail :
telephone : +351 925 926 808

Location of the training courses.

The island of Flores is one of nine Portuguese islands which compose the Azores archipelago in the heart of the Atlantic. It is the westernmost island along with it's little sister Corvo located a few kilometers north. Flores has the statute of the Patrimony of UNESCO due to its extraordinary conservation and diversity of natural landscapes. Naturally protected from pollution, it lives at its own rhythm, far from all stress. Many fall under it's charm just like what happened to me 9 years ago. The beauty of the island as well as the kindness of the Florentines persist still. Although small, this majestic 10 km by 10 km boulder isn't lacking in activities.
Pedestrian trails, fresh water waterfalls, rivers to climb by foot or descend by canyoning, diving, spear-fishing. swimming in natural swimming pools, museum visits, excursions to Corvo... (link to the office of tourism, canyoning or diving...)

How to get here?

By plane, there is an airport in Santa Cruz in Flores (FLW) :



By ferry, from central islands only during the summer.


Where to stay?

There are free camping sites with bathrooms and barbeques, tables and benches. Rooms for rent and weeking house rentals are available as well as hotels of various price ranges. Groups can also stay in the housing at the Radio Naval (what used to be a french naval compound) comprised of a small complex of houses just a few minutes from the beach in Lajes.

Contact page of the town hall of Lajes.

Our guest-house :


The cost of living :

On arrival, restaurants and food is not expensive. For 8 to 10 euros you can find restaurants to satisfy the biggest of appetites with traditional portuguese dishes.

Be aware that many restaurants are openly only for lunch.

The supermarkets are in the principal villages but because the distance between them is small it is easy to get to them.

How to get around ?

A bus system assures connection between villages.

At the airport you will find rental cars, better to reserve ahead of time during the month of august. In Lajes there are also rental car stations.

Hitch hiking normally works well but because of the small population if you go out during downtime you might have to wait a while for a car to come by!

By bicycle it is possible, but the island is very hilly, better be in good shape.

Night life:

During the summer there are village festivals each weekend, you will easily find food and drink as well as local concerts and DJ events. There also folklore groups that regularly perform.. There is also a night club in Santa Cruz where the florentine nightowls go of all ages. Beware, the party starts no sooner than 1 in the morning.

Almost ever village has its own museum. The Santa Cruz museum retraces historic whaling activity as well as plants and animals that are found in the ocean.

The portuguese people are naturally welcoming, kind and helpful. Many speak english and some speak french.

You will have many opportunities to exchange with the florentines.

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